We all have intuition, or gut feelings. Some people are just more in tune with their ability than others. The more you trust it and the more aware you become, you will refine, heighten and strengthen your abilities. Most intuition is gained through observation. However, you are not only observing in the obvious sense. Yes, understanding the aspects of any situation, observing, and using common sense will prepare you well for where that situation is heading. But that unexplained gut feeling you get is actually your own intuition tuning into the energetic frequencies and vibrations of the situation.
Sound confusing? Many things can be explained quite simply in the following examples:
• When someone you like walks in the room, you feel all warm and “cozy” inside.
• When someone you don’t like walks in the room the hair on the back of your neck bristles even before you turn around.
• A mother suddenly knows that something has happened to one of her children even though they are not present.
• There are well-documented cases of twins that feel the pain their sibling is experiencing as well as other unexplained connections. (It is fascinating studying the connections with twins as this shows more intensely what is actually happening with all of us in our connection to the rest of humanity)
• You may walk into a room where everyone is smiling and you have the feeling that they have just had an argument or that something negative has just occurred.
• You think about a friend you haven’t seen in a long time and suddenly they call you or vice versa.
Energy is created by everything we think, say and do. People and situations emanate a “fingerprint” of energy to which your energy field responds. In the above examples this is what you are responding to whether you realize it or not.