Everyone’s experience is unique, and some changes may be subtle, some more easily evident. You may experience changes immediately, within a few hours or a few days. It depends on your body and condition. Be gentle with yourself, and schedule quiet time if possible to reflect on your feelings.
You may experience some of the following:
Inner peace
Sense of wholeness or completeness
Feeling of being centered
Emotional releases (Examples: sadness, anger, acceptance, happiness)
Speaking your feelings instead of holding them in
Sound sleep
Vivid dreams
Feeling tired or nauseated (temporary)
More elimination of waste than your previous usual
People around you may seem to have changed
People around you say you are different
It is commonly suggested to drink water after any bodywork sessions, in order to aid in the elimination of toxins. Also, if you choose, it is suggested you get extra rest so your body can process the treatment. You may wish to keep a journal of any changes you are experiencing or any dreams you may have, for you to keep personal record of and/or to discuss at your next session.
If you are taking any type of medication, or have any serious health conditions, be aware of possible fluctuations in your body systems.
Please contact your doctor for any necessary adjustments to your dosage(s) or any other concerns you may have prior to and after a treatment.