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Session: $85

Sound Healing

Music has well-known, research-supported healing effects. A very simple example is how we feel when listening to certain types of music. If we listen to sad songs, we can feel down. When we listen to uplifting music, we feel light.

Our bodies are primarily water and are fabulous conductors. We respond to frequencies and vibrations. Look at the work of Dr. Masuru Emoto and pay particular attention to the results when playing various types of music to water, fascinating!

There are certain instruments that have been used ceremonially and ritually for centuries for the healing of the people.


Andrea received an intuitive message a number of years ago to use her voice in toning during healing sessions. Established clients were able to compare healing sessions from before and found the sessions much more intense when Andrea was toning. They reported being able to feel energy and vibrations running through their bodies in such a way they had not experienced before making the healing much more effective. Andrea intuitively tones various notes and sounds during the course of a treatment.


These beautiful metal bowls are struck and rubbed around the rim with a padded mallet to produce glorious tones. They come in many sizes and all have a unique sound that resonates with various organs and your energy field. They have been used for centuries for meditation, healing and ceremonial purposes.

When used during healing sessions you experience feelings of rippling waves of energy flowing through their body.


The rainstick is a long hollow tube of wood that is filled with beads or beans and has pins arranged inside. When you move or turn the rainstick, the contents shift and make a beautiful sound as they bounce off the inside pins. It sounds like water during a rainstorm. It is used for making music and ceremonially for bringing rainstorms.

Used during healing sessions it is a favorite. It creates a water rippling effect energetically that most people experience. It feels cleansing just like a waterfall.


The Ting-Sha are small Tibetan metal hand cymbals. Their primary purpose is to summon or call forth. They are used in rituals but also for meditative purposes and as a musical instrument. While they emit a very powerful tone, they have a very sweet sound.


Rattles and drums are used in healing sessions to create a sound field that assists in entering an altered state of consciousness (trance-like state). In this consciousness the Shaman is able to administer the appropriate healing for you and at the same time your body and consciousness become prepared to accept and integrate the treatment.


A tuning fork is an acoustic resonator that is made of metal and has two prongs. They were first invented in the year 1711. When they are struck, they vibrate at a specific pitch and emanate a pure musical tone.

Various parts of your physical body and energy field respond to these tones. It creates a deep state of relaxation as well as numerous other physical benefits. It also aids in reaching other states of consciousness for healing. There are subtle effects on your energy field that can give dramatic results.