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Andrea Brock will guide you through proper mediumship techniques. This class is usually held in the upstairs library at Third Street Alliance, in the Simon Mansion in downtown Easton which was built in 1902.  Many have felt spirits there while attending events, so you will have AMPLE opportunity to test your skills! Come enjoy the food, learning & talk to the Spirits in a safe and historic atmosphere! 

And by attending this event at this location you are helping to support this incredible non-profit organization that helps families get back on their feet with dignity.

DATE:  TBD – (Usually the weekend before Halloween)
LOCATION:  Third Street Alliance for Women and Children
41 North Third Street
Easton, PA 18042 

Join us for a lovely afternoon of Mediumship Training and light fare while the veil is thin! 

  • Learn what mediumship really is 
  • Learn relaxation techniques and meditations to open you up to receiving messages
  • Receive an energetic healing on your 3rd eye to open up your intuition 
  • Play games that will enhance and build your telepathic skills 
  • Channel messages for yourself and others 
  • Learn and practice automatic writing 
  • And maybe, just maybe, get messages from the spirits that reside at this location 

This is anticipated to be a sold-out event as it is every year.  Space limited to 30 people so register right away!  This event is open to your friends and family so feel free to invite them.  Whoever is meant to be there will be there! 

This event is open to those at all level/stages of gifts/psychic abilities.  A safe and relaxing environment to gain confidence in your abilities and to learn trust of your intuition and the messages being sent to you.  This is not a traditional “gallery reading” event.  This is a workshop.  All class participants will be sharing the messages they are receiving for each other as the purpose is to learn to trust what you are seeing, feeling, sensing and knowing.  It is to build confidence and learn how to safely develop these gifts.  

The class fee is $50 and includes food! (If you have any food sensitivities / allergies please let me know right away.)  

Feel free to dress in costume and please bring a journal with you and a crystal if you have one. For those registering, payment is required in advance and is non-refundable as it is first come first served as it is always a sold out event and we need an accurate headcount for catering.  The ticket link is here in this event or you can drop off or mail payment to Andrea. 

Feel free to bring donations for the shelter listed on their Wishlists: 

Identify and get clear on what you love doing! Open up energetic pathways to create the business/job/career that would serve your highest good. Through quizzes, visualizations, Feng shui, goal setting, branding, networking and more crystallize your interests and start the process of creating and allowing the Universe to open up the doors to the path you desire. Combining years of experience in the business/corporate world with energetic tools this is an all-encompassing workshop. 

In this workshop you will… 

  • Use your birthday/numerology to get your calendar ready with personal colors to use daily
  • Discover your personal lifetime color vibration
  • Learn how to use your own energetic flow to better your life
  • How matching colors with your daily vibrations will benefit you
  • Based on your birthday, using Numerology, what color to surround yourself with each day of the year and prepare your calendar 
  • What type of year you will personally have now and onward and what it means
  • What your number for each calendar day is and what that means
  • What your number is for each month and what that means
  • The formulas for calculating the above info for yourself & your family every year
  • Discover the healing benefits of each color and how to use them for healing on yourself, your family, situations and more
  • What it means when you have color cravings or aversions
  • Color meditations for healing relationships—personal & business
  • How to practically incorporate this knowledge into daily life and why you want to 

This is an information packed class that is well-loved by past participants. You’ll be amazed at what you discover about yourself. THESE TOOLS ARE EXTREMELY VALUABLE and last a LIFETIME!!! Please bring a calendar. Handouts provided. 

 In this class you will learn… 

  •  What chakras are 
  • What areas of life are affected and represented by each chakra 
  • Signs of an unhealthy chakra 
  • Tools to clear and heal your chakras 
  • Colors, crystals and essential oils to use for healing and strengthening the chakras 
  • Chakra meditations 
  • Toning, mantras and sounds for each chakra and much more! 

Includes a binder with an action plan for self-care of your chakras. 

A Soul Code is each person’s individual expression of his or her soul’s purpose. It is a statement that clarifies your soul’s reason for being in existence. A personal soul mission statement. It is your innate purpose. It is your core authentic essence. During this workshop you will learn, explore and write your soul’s purpose. This will give you a guide in order to make life decisions with greater ease, clarity and confidence. It will help you to prioritize and live your best life following your own energetic flow. It will inspire you…your intuition will be opened further. Each participant during the class will receive a personalized mini-reading of their own life purpose, gifts and possible steps to take to attain them. 

Do you find yourself drained during the day? Are you drained of energy by specific people? Are you an empath? 

In this class you will learn…  

  • Awareness of various types of energies that are all around 
  • Why at times you may feel drained of energy 
  • Tools to clear yourself 
  • Tools to clear your environment for healthy energetic flow 
  • Build an energetic shield that can be activated at any time 
  • How to be in public and in unpleasant environments and not be adversely affected 
  • What types of people are preyed upon energetically and how to avoid it 
  • How and why NOT to attract and/or fear other energies 

Please bring a journal/notebook and pen. And bring your questions too! 

Discussion of past lives and their effect on current life and types of information received during regressions. How to apply to your life now. Experience a guided journey/regression to access your past lives and gain understanding and insights. We will also be doing a guided journey into your future lives as well! Group setting. 

Do you wonder why every time you think you have things figured out, start making changes, you keep going back to re-creating the same issues and situations? Learn energetic strategies, tapping, balancing exercises to last a lifetime!  Clear the thoughts/beliefs/emotions/ailments that are keeping you feeling trapped like a rat in a cage on a wheel! Create the life you would really love to live! 

This is one workshop in a series for developing your intuition and opening psychic gifts. Each workshop will take on a life of its own! Psychometry is: “divination of facts concerning an object or its owner through contact with or proximity to the object”. 

This workshop will include: 

  • Learning about the 7 kinds of clairvoyance 
  • Exercises for opening and closing your third eye 
  • How to clear yourself before and after readings 
  • Developing and understanding your gifts 
  • Cleansing rituals and exercises 
  • Meditation and healing for opening your third eye 
  • How to receive and interpret information 
  • History and discussion of psychometry 
  • Participate in psychometry readings 

Please bring:  

  •  A personal piece of jewelry or small item that only you have owned. (No antiques that have had previous owners.) Do not show the item to any class participants. 
  • Optional: An additional item that belongs to someone else 
  • Journal and pen 
  • Water 
  • Crystal 
  • Mat and/or cushion for comfort 

This is one workshop in a series for developing your intuition and opening psychic gifts. Each workshop will take on a life of its own! Remote Viewing is “the ability to gather accurate information about a location, event or person without using traditional physical methods”.  

This workshop will include: 

  • Learning about the 7 kinds of clairvoyance 
  • Exercises for opening and closing your third eye 
  • How to clear yourself before and after 
  • Developing and understanding your gifts 
  • Meditation and healing for opening your third eye 
  • How to receive and interpret information 
  • History and discussion of remote viewing 
  • Discussion of various types of remote viewing 
  • Participate in remote viewing of a variety of targets 

Please bring: 

  • Journal and pen 
  • Water 
  • Mat and/or cushion for comfort 

Step into the world of Mandalas and all their glorious magical workings… 

During this workshop you will… 

  • Learn what Mandalas are and their purpose 
  • How they have been used through the centuries and how they surround you now 
  • Benefits from using Mandalas 
  • Participate in guided group meditations 
  • Create your own personal Mandala for clearing blockages and creating new pathways to attain the life you want (suitable for framing) 
  • Experience clarity and revelations about your life to inspire you to move forward 
  • Open up your energetic pathways to create magic in your life 

Clean out your “energetic closets” to allow space in your life to create joy and other healthy emotions and experiences going forward. Join us for an interactive experiential evening of clearing out pent-up emotions and/or traumas. Osho’s Dynamic Meditation is a primal meditation to release pent-up emotions and childhood trauma. It also helps to develop the Witness. It is a thorough way to break ingrained patterns in the body-mind that keep you imprisoned in the past. 

Workshop includes: 

  • Group discussion   
  • Activation of the subconscious for issues to address 
  • One hour Osho Dynamic Meditation 
  • Visioning of what brings you internal peace and joy and how to incorporate in daily living 

”The Osho dynamic meditation is very individual so please remain oblivious to the others that are around you. Please try to keep your eyes closed throughout it or even use a blindfold and it is best to have an empty stomach and to wear loose comfortable clothing. “This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, aware. Don’t get lost. Observe what is happening is if you are just a spectator, as if the whole thing is happening to somebody else.” –  Osho 

“Silence must happen while you are absolutely alive, vital, bubbling with life and energy. Then the silence is meaningful. Then it will be an alive silence. It will be a silence that can be both in the mountains and in the marketplace. Then you can live in the world and not have the world’s living in you.“ – Osho 

Come wander into your own soul to see what you truly desire and start the year onto that course to achieve those results. Tune into your own own personal vision and receive support and guidance to create a game plan to manifest your heart’s desires. Discovery of your personal year in numerology and how that plays a key role in your outcomes and how to maximize this energetic potential. Participate in a channeled guided meditation that will be intuitively done based on the attendees. The purpose of which is to raise your frequency / vibration to facilitate experiencing joy and fine-tuned manifesting. 

Please bring a journal. Handout included. You may also bring a yoga mat /blanket/pillow to make yourself comfortable. 

PRIOR PARTICIPANTS WANTING TO RETURN TO CREATE NEW BOARD $10 (does not include binder and handout previously issued so you can bring that along if you choose. Includes new materials for your new Vision Board.) 

  • Create the life of your visions!  This will be a comprehensive workshop! 
  • Learn key concepts and techniques for effective manifesting 
  • Create your own vision board(s) 
  • Learn about the various types of vision boards and how to use them 
  • Learn how feng shui can play a role 

Includes materials, binder and handout. You are encouraged to bring photos that represent the things and situations in your life you wish to manifest. The important thing is that the images bring you joy. 

 During this class you will learn and experience… 

  • The many ways in which we are sent messages and guided. 
  • The role of our guides and Guardian Angels and their purpose. 
  • Experience a deep, guided journey to meet your main spirit guides or Angels and receive their message for you. 

Please dress comfortably, bring a mat, pillow, blanket–whatever you need to make you cozy for the journey portion.