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session: $300

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QHHT® – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠

In the interests of not re-inventing the wheel, go to the link below for a very thorough defining of what exactly QHHT® is and the potential benefits. Andrea was honored to be trained by Dolores Cannon.

The purpose of having a session like this done is to learn about your path and purpose here on the planet; to understand why you do what you do and the patterns, habits, health conditions you may be expressing and exhibiting in your life. People have reported being healed also of physical issues.

First we review your life story. If an event comes into your mind, even if you think it is insignificant, share it. There is a reason that will be revealed in the process. Then we go over any issues that you might want to address, whether emotional, professional or physical.

You will prepare in advance a list of questions (preferably typed with space for notations) regarding ANYTHING you wish to know. For example: What is my life’s purpose? Why do I seem to have continual issues with xxxx ? What happened to me in the year xxxx that I can’t seem to recall?

You will also write down any health concerns you have. If you have been diagnosed with a condition/disease, do not just simply list the name of the disease you must describe the symptoms you are experiencing. Names of conditions are something humans have put on them.

You also may give a list of your “Cast of Characters”. These would be key people in your life, immediate family, important friends, enemies, anyone who you wonder what your connection/contract with them is.

The reality is that every session is unique and it’s impossible to predict which direction it’s going to go.

Then the guided journey begins and this is the only part not recorded. When you are sufficiently relaxed, Andrea will ask that you be taken to a past life that holds information which is appropriate and relevant to solving issues or concerns you may have in your current life. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll only receive information that you are meant to receive at the time. If certain questions are not answered, it is either because they wouldn’t benefit you in any way or because the time is not right. This is an entirely safe process and can even be done on people that are pregnant. Your subconscious protects you and if something isn’t appropriate for you to know it will not be revealed.

After the relevant past life (or lives) has been explored, the “Subconscious” is accessed, which is the collective consciousness / higher self (sometimes referred to as the Superconscious) and has all knowledge (it will be speaking through you). This is when your questions will be asked and answered if appropriate and when any health issues will be addressed, explained, and if appropriate, resolved.

Once the session is concluded, the information brought forth by the “Subconscious” is reviewed, discussed and practical application is made to your current life. You’ll be given a copy of the recording and may choose to share it with whomever you want. It is suggested that you listen to it first on your own, since as is often the case, you might not remember everything that was said during the session, and personal information may come up.

These sessions usually take at least 5 hours and often longer.

If you read any of Dolores Cannon’s books you will see she writes the conversation, questions and answers and this has given a great overview and insight to our origin and the origin of the planet and where we are headed. It is very fascinating and liberating information.

The goal of the session is to help you identify the source of any concerns or blocks you might have, acknowledge them, process and overcome them so you can live your life to the fullest. There is no judgment involved and information shared during a session is strictly confidential. This is an opportunity to connect with your Higher Self and Divine and hear what it has to say.