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cord cutting: $85
entity clearing: $100

Psychic & Energetic Protection: Cord Cutting and Entity Clearing

Psychic Protection is about clearing your body, energy field and space from anything or anyone that you may feel is draining, attached or attacking you. It is also about strengthening your core and aura to deflect or process anything that is not conducive to your internal and external harmony.

Energetic Cord Cutting

It is possible for other people to attach to you energetically and drain your energy. Usually this is not done intentionally or with any malice, but can affect you. A ‘cord’, usually coming from someone to whom you were or are close, connects to a certain part of your body and will link you both.

This healing process is performed to detach the draining cord(s) that is attached to you from another person. The cord(s) can even be from someone you love. Cutting it does not mean you cut the person off in any way; you are just stopping the inappropriate drain. Nothing is cut without your permission.

Entity Clearing

This is performed when someone or something has attached energetically to you on your body or in your energy field. This can be a person currently in your life, from a past life or an entity from another realm. You may be experiencing health issues, exhaustion, unfavorable environment or chronic patterns.

(For clearing spaces of unwanted entities and energies see Space Clearing)