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20 sessions: $900
includes initial consultation

Habit Clearing

Outline of Habit Clearing Sessions and Scheduling

Each person’s experience is unique. The treatments will be customized according to your specific needs and desired results. Unhealthy habits and/or addictions are often symptoms of other issues and these are usually discovered and addressed.

Your commitment to changing your behavior(s) is a very large factor in determining your success. While the practitioner is the one facilitating the healing, this is about self-healing, and you will be given suggestions and information on what you can do to reach and maintain your goals on an ongoing basis.

You may wish to continue the sessions on a maintenance basis.

As with all practitioners we cannot guarantee a specific result due to the dynamic nature of the human body and mind. This is not to replace any professional treatment required for addictions. This can work well in conjunction with traditional treatments as approved by your healthcare professional.

After the initial consultation the general schedule of clearing a person of a habit, 20 healing sessions is as follows:

Week 1: Everyday (7 sessions)

Week 2: Every other day (3 sessions)

Week 3: Twice a week (2 sessions)

Week 4: Twice a week (2 sessions)

Week 5: Twice a week (2 sessions)

Week 6: Twice a week (2 sessions)

Week 7: Once a week (1 session)

Week 8: Once a week (1 session)