Family Constellation Healing stacked rocks

Session: $160

Family Constellation Healing

This type of holistic process is based on the work of Dr. Bert Hellinger. It is based on the premise that the dynamics in the family, even incidents from generations past, contribute to your current physical, emotional and mental health. These patterns in your family are reflected in your energy field and thus affect you.

This specialized variation has given clients meaningful insight and a deeper understanding of their own feelings and those of their family members.

You stand in the middle of the room and stones are used to represent immediate family members, primary caregivers and/or anyone that played a key role in your upbringing. You places the stones on the floor surrounding yourself at a distance that represents where you feel your current relationship stands.

Andrea then stands in the place of each person living or deceased and channels his or her energy to answer any questions you have, and/or for you to express anything to that person that you may be uncomfortable saying directly. This provides a safe environment for you to speak your mind and address long-time concerns and deeply rooted issues and gain clarity and perspective.

Tremendous relief and insight has been gained from these experiences. It is a very emotionally cleansing experience. This process is followed by an intuitive energetic healing.

Please note that a careful pre-screening discussion is held before this type of session. This may involve preparatory healing sessions. For anyone currently undergoing professional therapy, a prior consultation with your therapist may be required to ensure the appropriateness. Your therapist may accompany you for this session if desired.