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Why use essential oils? 

  • Healing benefits to promote and support good health
  • Inspires a positive emotional state
  • Enhances spiritual awareness

How do they work? 

Scent has a physical, emotional and spiritual effect on our body. Essential oils extracted from plants stimulate olfactory receptors and activate regions in the brain’s limbic system associated with memories, emotions, and states of mind.

Young Living™ essential oils are chosen intuitively for the desired goal, blended as needed and administered through the air or directly onto your skin. Aromatherapy is used in combination with other healing methods.

As an example, are you seeking relief from emotional issues and trauma? Andrea loves using the Feelings™ kit during these types of sessions.  This includes the oil blends of Forgiveness™, Harmony™, Inner Child™, Present Time™, Release™ and Valor®

Why does Andrea use Young Living™ Essential Oils as her oils of choice?
Learn more here:

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Andrea_Brock_Healing aromatherapy oils Young Living