Andrea Brock Healing meditation purple flower image

Meditation Classes

All meditation classes are one hour unless specified. 


Chi Gong Five Organs Breathing Meditation

This is an active meditation that rejuvenates the whole body for good health.  It works on circulatory system, kidneys, lungs, cardiovascular and digestive systems. It’s a workout! 

Crystal Meditation Class

 Meditation with crystals…tune in to the crystals and discover the information, messages and benefits they bring. Be prepared to bliss out with all the crystals in the room!!! Andrea has a lot but you are encouraged to also bring your own special crystals if you have them.  (Please cleanse them in advance) 

Dolphin Healing Meditation

Dolphins are known for their healing gifts that they love to share with humans. Come bliss out and connect with their healing frequencies. 

Drumming and Sound Healing Meditation 

 A great meditation to get cleared and back on track!  Clear out energetically, cleanse your chakras and charge up your energy field. We will be drumming (and other instruments) intuitively and free-form.  Andrea has a variety of drums and other instruments that you can use if you do not have anything you want to bring.  

Forgiveness / Loving the Inner Child Meditation 

Join us for a guided meditation with visualization exercises for releasing negative feelings and maximizing your potential. Please bring a journal if you wish to write down any revelations or feelings you may have. We will end this class with a relaxing meditation to soothe the soul. 

Jibberish Meditation for Throat Chakra Clearing 

Do you find it challenging to speak your truth? This is a meditation that clears out the throat chakra and helps release negativity and pent up emotions and expressions.  And it’s a lot of fun too.  

Late Night Women’s Beauty / Facial Chi Gong Meditation 

For women only. Dress comfy for this late-night meditation class. You can go right home to bed after. Some of these exercises are to be done between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. hence the late night. This Chi Gong class includes multiple exercises for health and beauty. It includes using Chi, visualizations, affirmations and more. These are very special exercises that were taught to my teacher by Chi Masters. We have not seen them elsewhere. Done regularly they enhance beauty from the inside out. Very relaxing and move energy and oxygen around your body for optimal health. 

Messages From Beyond Meditation 

A special meditation class for opening your 3rd eye and intuition building. Receive messages from your spirit guides and/or relatives that have crossed over. You may also bring your own special crystals if you have them. (Please cleanse them in advance) 

Osho Gourishankar Meditation 

This is an OSHO meditation and the purpose of this meditation is to open and strengthen the 3rd eye. This will help you to be centered and standing in your truth.

Osho Nadabrahma Meditation for Chakra Development 

This is an OSHO meditation and is to open up the throat, heart and solar plexus chakras. Very relaxing but active meditation to feel Universal love, truth and compassion. Great for those with chattering minds. 

Rebirth and Self-Healing Meditation 

This is a combination of 2 meditations.  The Rebirth meditation helps you to transcend your body and feel inner light.  The Self-healing is for exactly that — a gathering to blend divine and earth energies to support healing you on many levels.

Sound Healing and Crystal Meditation 

Join us for the best hour of your weekend! Bliss out, de-stress and clear your energy field and chakras by experiencing a sound healing meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls, and other spiritual instruments while participating in guided toning. You will also be using crystals to enhance the experience and receive clarity and information. 

Tibetan Singing Bowls and Toning Meditation Class 

Bliss out, de-stress and clear your energy field and chakras by listening and feeling the vibrations of live Tibetan Singing Bowls and a guided toning meditation. 

Un-Crazy the Holidays Meditation 

It’s that time of year.  Take a break and come bury your head in the ethereal world for an hour.  You need it! 🙂 A cleansing and de-stressing medley meditation for tapping into your peace again. And if you are already feeling peaceful, come and giggle.